• Actress. Comedian. 

About Gia

Gia is an LA based actress. She has a deep love for comedy and can be found performing stand-up, improv, and sketches all over town, literally wherever she goes. Along with comedic avenues she is constantly looking for new film projects of any kind to dive into. She lives every day for adventure and strives to always be creating something new!  

Combining her love of the kitchen and nutrition CHECK OUT her new You Tube web-series: Basically LA. It is a look into the products that all the "basic" millennials have fallen victim to in LA, under the pretense of "healthy" promises. Lets find out if these trendy fads are true, or just making us consume dirt and calling it organic!






Basically LA 

Check out our recent episode busting the SHAKE WEIGHT! We all know this is not actually healthy so we are really just solidifying the stupidity of the trap we all fell into here...REALLY solidifying it.